Capgemini Second Quarter Sales Contest

Eligible participants (must be part of NA P&C):

Sales Lead (Opportunity Leader) - The Sales lead is the opportunity owner, accountable for the management of opportunity, driving the sales approach externally and internally and therefore managing the consistency between the internal work done by the bid team and the relationship action plan involving the members of the account team as well as other related salespeople if required.

Bid Manager (Pursuit Leader) The Bid Manager is responsible for arbitration on the solution design, the bid process and coordinating all the resources used to prepare the bid, undertake due diligence and plan the transition.

Contest rules:

  •  Participants will accumulate points for every deal sold in Q2 (deals must be completely booked in Q2 2007 contest runs from April 1 June 30, 2007).
  •  Points will equal total dollars booked (ex. $500,000 booked = 500,000 points).
Bookings must be in SPADE to be eligible.
  •  Only one Sales Leader and one Bid Manager per opportunity.
  •  Only one role per person per opportunity.
  •  Both the Bid Manager and Sales Lead will get points equal to the total amount of the booking (ex. $500,000 booked; Bid Manager gets 500,000 points, Sales Lead gets 500,000 points).
  •  Points will be accumulated on an individual basis.

Award Structure:

A total of 28 prizes will be awarded among the East, Central, West, Canada, TME and Government Solutions units. National Sales will also give out a special award to the top three point earners across all P&C business units.

  •  Canada and Government Solutions will each award their top 2 points leaders one Bid Manager and one Sales Lead for a Gold Award (1st place)

  •  The East, Central, West and TME units will award their top 6 point leaders three Bid Managers and three Sales Leads for Gold, Silver (2nd place) and Bronze (3rd place).

  •  In the event of a tie, total Contribution Margin will be used as a tiebreaker.

  •  The business units must reach their March Sales bookings forecast for Q2 in order for the winners to receive their awards.

As an added incentive, any opportunities booked in the month of April will receive a 30% kicker and deals booked in the month of May will get a 15% kicker!!! This means that in April a $100,000 booking will be credited with 130,000 points; that same $100,000 booking in May is worth 115,000 points.

Award Prize Levels:

3rd Place: Bronze Level Area AwardClick Here for Bronze Level Details!
A 2 day / 1 night Owners Box Getaway(3-star hotel) for two.
- OR -
A 3 day/2 night Elite Escape Resort Package for two.

2nd Place: Silver Level Area AwardClick Here for Silver Level Details!
A 3 day / 2 night Owners Box Getaway for Two (3-star hotel) for two.
- OR -
A 3 day / 2 night Luxury Resort Getaway for two.

1st Place: Gold Level Area AwardClick Here for Gold Level Details!
A 4 day / 3 night Tropical Escape Getaway for two.
- OR -
A 5 day / 4 night Voyage Cruise for two with.
- OR -
A 3 day / 2 night Owners Box Getaway (4-star hotel) for two.

Certificate Redemption:

If you have already been issued a certificate, whether from this Capgemini Promotion or the 2006 Promotion, you may enter your certificate number below to redeem for your award!

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