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Pulse Experiential Travel offers a variety of different products and services designed to meet an individual's or company's every travel incentive need. Among our most popular products is the JustRewards™ brand of Sports and Experiential Vacation Travel awards. Featuring access to exciting sports events and memorable vacation getaways, the various JustRewards™ collections offer programs for every budget.

The JustRewards™ line of individual sports and experiential vacation travel awards are unparalleled in service, scope and excitement. Providing a high percieved-value alternative to cash, the JustRewards™ individual travel awards have become a staple in loyalty, recognition and service programs nationwide. Highly flexible, the JustRewards™ certificate recipients choose "what" they want to do, and "where" and "when" they want to do it anytime within three years of issuance. The certificates may be redeemed online or by phone or fax and are fully transferable. The JustRewards™ certificate fulfillment process includes white-glove, concierge-level customer service, assuring the highest possible level of attention to detail and executive treatment.

The JustRewards™ Experiential Collection combines the excitement and variety of unique activities and events with the flexibility of a certificate award. With many different experience options available, you will be sure to find an experience that fits your budget. The Experiential Collection features activities ranging from whitewater rafting to sky diving, food and wine festivals, California wine tours, family escapes, golf and ski trips, hunting and fishing trips, and fashion and celebrity award shows. All JustRewards™ Experiential Collection certificates may be utilized to reserve your experience in nearly any locale across the United States and Canada.

The JustRewards™ Sports Collection combines the excitement of sports with the flexibility of a certificate award. With many different award levels and hotel stay options, you’ll be sure to find an award that fits your budget while providing an unparalleled sports travel experience.  JustRewards™ Sports Collection certificates may be utilized to attend almost any concert, theatre or sports event anywhere in the world.

The JustRewards™ Travel Collection provides options ranging from weekend getaways, 7 day all-inclusive tropical retreats, to 14 night cruises worldwide. With hotel selections comprising some of the finest properties in the world and pricing to fit any budget, the JustRewards™ Travel Collection is a sure-fire hit.  JustRewards™ Travel Collection certificates may be utilized for travel packages almost anywhere in the world.