nonprofit collaboration

Nonprofit Collaboration

Journey with Purpose: Amplify Your Nonprofit's Impact Through Specially Crafted Adventures


At Pulse Experiential Travel, we're more than just a travel company – we're a catalyst for change. Our Nonprofit Collaborations pave the way for charitable organizations to embark on impactful journeys that transcend borders and make a lasting difference. Through seamless integration of transformative travel experiences with noble causes, we offer a dynamic and compelling fundraising solution for nonprofits worldwide.

With a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly travel practices, we ensure that every adventure leaves a positive footprint on the planet. Our curated collection of sustainable destinations and experiences not only captivates the soul but also champions environmental conservation and stewardship.

At Pulse, we believe in the power of travel to inspire, educate, and uplift. By aligning with non-profit missions that contribute to positive outcomes for both people and the planet, we strive to create a world where every journey matters. Join us in this inspiring endeavor and let's embark on a transformative voyage together.

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Empowering Impact

Benefits of Nonprofit Collaboration with Pulse

Step into a world where every journey propels a bigger purpose. At Pulse Experiential Travel, we redefine the notion of travel benefits. It's not just about getting from point A to point B; it's about the profound impact each adventure holds.

Delve deeper into our exclusive benefits tailored specifically for nonprofits. Explore how our offerings go beyond mere travel perks to empower your organization, engage your community, and ignite a ripple effect of positive transformation.

Accessible Impact

Accessible Impact

We ensure non-profits can access impactful travel experiences without exceeding their budgetary constraints.

Engagement Amplification

Engagement Amplification

We enable non-profits to elevate their engagement strategies and cultivate deeper connections with donors.

Mission Advancement

Mission Advancement

Organizations can amplify their effectiveness and mobilize support for initiatives that contribute to positive outcomes for people and the planet.


Drive Donations

Features of Nonprofit Collaboration with Pulse

Inspire generosity and support for your cause with compelling travel experiences that incentivize donations and engagement.


On Consignment

Our program enables non-profits to access our travel experiences on consignment and at a discounted, flat rate with a minimum bid. Promote and secure orders and keep the difference for your fundraising campaign. Don’t happen to sell all the packages. No problem! Simply return to us with no fees or charges. 

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On Consignment
Customizable Solutions

Exclusive Access

Enhance your fundraising endeavors and ignite generosity and engagement from donors with exclusive event access offerings. Envision incorporating prestigious events into your upcoming fundraising initiatives, from coveted Masters badges or Wimbledon or Millionaire’s Row at the Kentucky Derby. Whether integrating travel experiences into charity auctions or providing unique adventures as donor incentives, our travel experiences provide unique fundraising solutions. Each experience is designed to unlock fresh streams of support, empowering non-profits to reach and exceed their fundraising objectives.

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Purposeful Adventures

Mission-Aligned Journeys

Curate travel experiences that seamlessly align with and champion your nonprofit's core values and aspirations. From community-based initiatives to conservation projects, our mission-aligned journeys are meticulously crafted to support and advance the noble causes that matter most to your organization. Each adventure serves as a powerful platform for raising awareness, driving social impact, and fostering meaningful connections with supporters.

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Explore how our Nonprofit Collaborations can be a pivotal part of your success story. Delve into our detailed program guide or engage with our specialists for a tailored consultation that aligns with your vision. Let's make memorable experiences the cornerstone of your growth and success.

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